Concept: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi


Dramaturgy: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi, Marco Cupellari


Director: Marco Cupellari


Performers: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi


Two cases, a square of light, a window.


Two grotesque characters, two human being that live, like mouses, in their den. They dance, they eat, they play, they sleep, they watch Peppa Pig.

They live together, but they don't know each other. Out of the window comes a carnival, it rains frogs, a dictatorship is declared, a marriage is celebrated, a child falls down from his bicycle, but they don't care.

The only things that matters is the package!...that, also this week, is about to arrive...

Can a human being floats on the surface of his life without diving in depht or without emerging and breathing the world? Can we "almost" live?

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

First Prize Incroci Teatrali 2015

Teachers Prize Giovani Realtà del Teatro 2014

Second Prize Anna Pancirolli 2014