L'Enfer c'est le Varieté

Finalist at the European Prize of Comic Theater NiederstatterSurPrize 2014

Part of "The Best of...Thun" 2014


Concept: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi, Jan Rutishauser



Dramaturgy: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi, Jan Rutishauser, Michele Pagliai



Performers: Laura Belli, Lorenzo Torracchi, Michele Pagliai

A Grotesque Varieté!

Slapstick, acrobatics, dance, juggling and clownerie, all this to tell a story almost unbelievable: three actors in a limbo, damned for eternity to relive over and over again the act of the creation of the show that brought them to a tragic end.

Limbus Cabaret is a show which doesn't exist, never existed and will never exist. But: If you happen to stumble over a theatre named "Limbus Cabaret", at the right date of the year, you can still be a participant of a truly unique show...

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.